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How to Beat A Fail to Remain Charge


First, here's two ways NOT to try to beat a Fail to Remain charge:

One Way NOT to try beat a Fail to Remain Charge – By Pleading Guilty!!!
ng guilty and ‘taking your lumps’ is not a good idea when facing a Fail to Remain charge. Here's why:


If You Plead Guilty You Will Immediately: 

1. Be fined up to $2,500!

2. Receive seven (7) demerit points

3. Lose your driver’s licence for up to two (2) years
4. Face a massive increase in insurance rates for the next three (3) years
5. Face a j
ail sentence of up to six (6) months.

Charged with Fail to Remain?
Speak to a member of our Lawyer/Paralegal Team 24/7


Another way NOT try to beat a Fail to Remain Charge – by Defending Yourself

If you decide to fight the charge yourself, but have no legal training or experience, you significantly reduce your chances of winning your case, no matter how righteous your case is and how innocent you believe yourself to be.


Because you will be up against experienced crown prosecutors who could care less about the righteousness of your case, have little time for people like you who don’t understand court rules and procedures, and have no reason to help you in any way, manner, or form, because their only goal is to convict you.

You can get Lost in the  Legal Maze

Every step of the way you will be struggling to understand how to move your case through the arcane and complex stages of the legal system. You will have no experience challenging a police officer’s notes or version of events, you won’t even know if the officer filed the wrong charge against you or has made some procedural error that could have your case tossed out.

Lost Charter Protections
And you will likely not understand if and when or even how your Charter rights may have been violated, thereby self-denying yourself the opportunity to have a very winnable case thrown out.


Finally, the police and prosecution must prove to the court the identity of the person charged with Fail to Remain. So, when you represent yourself, all a police officer or witness for the prosecution has to do is point you out when asked to identify the person who was involved in the fail to remain incident in question. By trying to defend the case yourself, you may unknowingly be assisting the prosecution’s efforts to convict you! Remember, we go to court for you, so you’re never put in this position.


Best Way to Try to Beat a Fail to Remain Charge? – Hire Our Lawyer/ Paralegal Team

Step 1: FREE Initial Consultation with a Lawyer
Call us 24/7 on (416) 400-6668 and speak directly to a Law Society of Ontario licenced member of our Lawyer/Paralegal Team. You'll receive a FREE initial consultation that will last as long as it takes for us to understand your issues and recommend a path forward. Plus, if we can't help you, we'll do our best to direct you to another law firm that can.


Step 2: You Will be Quoted a Fixed Fee + Zero-Interest Budget-Friendly Financing
At the end of your FREE initial consultation, you will be quoted a very competitive fixed fee to fight your Fail to Remain charge. You will also be offered a zero-interest rate, budget-friendly financing option.

Step 3: A Lawyer/Paralegal Team Will Be Assigned to Your Case
The minute you retain us, a Law Society of Ontario licenced Lawyer/Paralegal team will be assigned to your case. The Lawyer will be a litigation lawyer, highly skilled in courtroom tactics; the Paralegal will have extensive experience defending and winning Fail to Remain cases just like yours.


Step 4: Our Unique Approach
Our Lawyer/Paralegal teams are experienced, persuasive, and relentless in defending Fail to Remain cases. They have earned the respect of the prosecutors and Justices of the Peace who prosecute and try Fail to Remain charges, and they have the skills and domain knowledge necessary to negotiate a resolution or reduction of your charge prior to going to trial.

Step 5: Your Customized Defence
From the moment you engage us we bring our courtroom savvy and negotiating expertise to bear on your situation, and together we develop a customized defence strategy tailored to your particular situation and designed to increase the likelihood of a swift and favourable resolution of your Fail to Remain charge.


Step 6: Your Own Secure Private Client Portal
From the moment you engage us you will be assigned your own Client Care Coordinator and provided access to your own private, secure Client Portal. Your Client Care Coordinator will work with your Lawyer/Paralegal team to keep you continuously updated on the progress of your case as they work towards achieving a satisfactory resolution of your matter. And of course, you can use your private client portal to communicate privately with your lawyer/paralegal team at anytime.

Why We Go the Extra Mile For You!
We understand the devastation a Fail to Remain conviction can wreak on an individual or family. The unexpected costs (fines, the massive insurance rate hikes) are bad enough, but worse by far are the prospects of losing your driver’s licence for two (2) years, or going to jail for up to six (6) months..

Your Best Defence Begins the Moment You Are Charged
Fail to Remain is a serious charge. Remember, your best defence begins the moment you are charged. Call us 24/7, speak directly to a member of a Law Society of Ontario licenced lawyer/paralegal team. Put our experience and a relentless drive to succeed to work for you

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