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What is Careless Driving?

Careless Driving - What is it?


According to the Ontario Highway’s Traffic Act, Careless Driving can include everything from tailgating another vehicle to failing to yield to pedestrians on a crosswalk or using your cell phone or GPS device while driving or eating or drinking while driving or applying make-up while driving or even reading a newspaper while waiting in line for a traffic light to change from red. Basically, you can be charged with Careless Driving any time a police officer deems  that you were operating your car without due care or consideration for others.

Vehicle Operation Related Causes of A Careless Driving Charge
You can be charged with Careless Driving if you are;
1. Tailgating another vehicle while driving.
2. Passing another vehicle in an aggressive manner.
3. Failing to yield to pedestrians using a crosswalk.
4. Observed performing a burnout or wheelie.
5. Failing to yield to the right of way of another vehicle.
6. Overtaking and forcing your way into a line of vehicles that are waiting to turn or exit.
7. Using your cell phone or GPS while driving.
8. Involved in a collision where there are no injuries.


Careless Driving Causing Bodily Harm/Death Charge

You can be charged with Careless Driving Causing Bodily Harm/Death if you are;

1. Involved in a collision in which one or more people are seriously injured or die.

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Driving Behaviour Related Causes of a Careless Driving Charge
You are also liable to be charged with Careless Driving if the police observe you engaging in any of the following behaviours while driving a vehicle:
1. Talking or texting on a cell phone

2. Looking at a GPS navigation device
3. Eating or drinking.
4. Applying make-up or combing your hair while using a mirror.
5. Reading a newspaper while in line waiting for a stop light to change or stalled traffic to move again.

Charged with Careless Driving or Careless Driving Causing Bodily Harm/Death? 
If you are charged with any Careless Driving offence, your best course of action is to call and speak to a Lawyer to discuss how we can fight to preserve your right to drive.  The consequences of not fighting can be severe.  

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